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Coaching is a craft. It takes time to build it. But whether you're an experienced veteran or a noob dad, there is something here for you.

A simple recipe for growth is:

1) Study the Manuels

2) Review the Maps

3) Build a Ride Plan

4) Repeat and Improve

Screen Shot 2024-01-02 at 2.18.21 PM.png



 No need to read them all, pick one and go. We do recommend the NICA 101 for starters.


Maps give you an overview of the terrain so you can think through and plan your ride. Find trail features to session, design "short track loops" or longer trail rides. Maps include, trails, trail difficulty ratings, technical features & difficulty ratings along with ride plan notes.

*More maps to come


Ride Plans

Here is a ride plan template. Fill it out or just think through it. More to come...

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